Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More comments on the role of lawyers in the GM debacle and the connection with the need for less secrecy in litigation

News and comments regarding General Motors keep piling up and none of it is good for the automaker. You can go to my Torts blog fore more information and links, but the important aspect of the debate here relates to the role of the lawyers involved and the on-going debate about the need to control secrecy in litigation.  Here are a few links.

June 14: Richard Zitrin (UC Hastings):  Secret settlements fueled GM's latest ethical inferno
June 18: NY Times: GM CEO faces criticism in House hearings (includes short video)

June 19:  Painter and Zitrin:  GM's general counsel and CEO should resign or be fired

June 24:  John Steele (Legal Ethics Forum): Update on the proposed sunshine in litigation act