Wednesday, July 10, 2013

E mail problems seem to have been solved

It seems that the e mail update service is functioning properly again. If you signed up yesterday (Tuesday, 7/10) you should have received an update by email already. If you did, you are all set and you should continue to get the updates regularly. If you didn't get an update this morning, please check to see if you missed the confirmation e mail that went out to you when you entered your email address. You need to follow the instructions in it to complete the process. If all else fails, please go to the blog and try signing up again, wait for the email and hit the link in it. Everything should be up and running without problems now.
As usual, you will only get one message in the morning with the posts posted the previous day. If you notice that you have not received updates in more than a week, please go to the blog itself and check if there are new posts you have missed. If so, please let me know there is a problem.
Thanks again for your patience and your support for the blog.

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